GFSC training in Poland

Do you work with disaster survivors?

Local organizations, communities or agencies with responsibilities in disaster recovery, this workshop will give you effective tools and techniques to enhance community resilience and self-reliance, now and in the future.


DO Foundation together with Global Facilitators Serving Communities invites you for:

Crisis > Change > Choice Workshop

Facilitative Crisis and Disaster Intervention to Build Resilient Communities

Poland, 19th to 21st of October, 2016

Use this registration link if you would like to register and pay the fee straight away.

Please, let us know if want to participate and pay later at the training or if you need some special arrangement.
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When people are caught up in a disaster, they first need to be physically rescued and brought to safety.

Once these survival needs are met, the important work of rebuilding individual lives and the collective social network in the community can begin.

The GFSC Crisis>Change>Choice (CCC) workshop shares tools and techniques to help individuals, communities and their leaders build resilience and self-reliance to face current and future challenges.

This rebuilding process:

  • moves beyond survival – assists individuals, families and communities focusing on their emotional, psychological, social and spiritual needs,
  • develops deep understanding – gives empathetic guidance so that people can move through the stages of grief as they change their self-perception from victim to survivor and empowered decision-maker,
  • creates new beginnings – guides positive first steps, preparing people and communities to move forward successfully, managing resources and making effective choices,
  • facilitates vision and purpose – helps individuals, families and communities find meaning and significance in their lives, as they rebuild social and community support systems.


Besides Natural disasters, for the past year, Europe and the Middle East have gone to a major human disaster, which was the displacement of Syrian refugees.

The workshop

The CCC workshop prepares leaders and facilitators to share tools and techniques with their communities. Participants will learn effective ways to address:

  • grief cycle: as it relates to community-wide trauma; identifying productive and non-productive ways of dealing with grief in one’s self and others, for individuals and groups; introducing specific, effective tools for understanding and managing grief,
  • resilience: identifying and applying strategies to support the four stages of group and individual resilience,
  • caring for caregivers: assisting others who are working with disaster survivors to maintain a healthy balance between their work and their own personal well-being,
  • sharing and mentoring: working with community groups, organizations and agencies working in direct recuperation efforts as well as those responsible for organizing proactive strategies in the event of a disaster.


GFSC workshops are highly participatory.

All workshops participants receive a handbook and documentation of workshop proceedings.

The trainers


Mark Pixley, Director Director & Vice President of GFSC

Based in Asia for 20+ years, Mark is a facilitator/consultant dedicated to assisting clients resolve organizational and leadership challenges in China. He is a Managing Director of LEADERSHIP INC, a pioneering China based consultancy which focuses on “Facilitating Organizational Change in Greater China.” Mark works with senior managers to design and facilitate their organization’s change processes. His clients include multinational and Chinese corporations and some local NGOs. He holds a MBA from New York University and has studied Mandarin Chinese. Mark is very involved in developing opportunities to share the GFSC model in Asia and expand the network of GFSC-trained facilitators in this part of the world.



Gary Austin, GFSC Advisory Council Member

For more than 24 years Gary has been a facilitator and consultant with clients across all industries, in the private, public and third sectors. He worked as a senior consultant in an in-house consultancy before co-developing/founding circleindigo in 1999. Gary has wide experience of group, collaborative and participative working and has specialised in the design and facilitation of change based workshops and interventions including strategic, business and project planning, requirements definition, problem solving/issue resolution, project lifecycle, partnering, change and transition, team development and Joint Application Development (JAD) workshops.

When and where?

Dates: 19th to 21st of October, 2016

On the 18th in the afternoon, we plan to hold a meet-and-great session for all participants.

We invite you to Poland, to beautiful place near Wrocław (link to the map):

  • during the training all participants will be provided with accomodation and meals,
  • accommodation are on shared rooms,
  • the meals are vegan, vegetarian, and fish included,
  • the entire resort is reserve for this event.



How to participate?

Simply register here and we will send you all information you need.

Price: 250 euros, includes: meet-and great session, 3 day training, accommodation and meals during the event.
This is non-profit event.

If you can’t participate, you can still support our idea with your donation. Thanks to your support we will be able to do more and invite to this training also those, for whom costs is the barrier. Thank you!

Please, let us know if want to participate and pay later at the training or if you need some special arrangement.
If you are interested in this topic and you would like us to keep you informed about future trainings, let us know, so we can keep in touch.
Simply write to: Thank you!

We hope to see you soon :-)


We are also pleased to announce that our training will take place during the International Facilitation Week, catalysed by International Association of Facilitators.


Who are we?

Fundacja DO logo s

DO Foundation: We realize that all great achievements starts with good conversations and meetings. Our mission is support organizations and communities with having good and valuable meetings on topics which are really important to them. And we make good meetings happen…

We decided to invite GFSC for training in Poland because as facilitators we believe in the power of self-organization especially in tough and crisis situations.
We want to be ready to help in case our support could be really needed and we want to make a good learning space for those, for whom it is important too.

For more information about us visit:, facebook/fundacjado



Global Facilitators Serving Communities: we work with other organizations that support sustainable community development. By working together we share goals, resources and expertise and increase public awareness.

Our Guiding Principles:

We believe that people and communities are capable of self-determination; therefore GFSC is committed to enhancing local resources and skills.

  • building local capacity – training and mentoring to enhance knowledge and competence in communities around the world,
  • participation – motivate each member of the group to contribute his/her unique perspective,
  • sustainability – share strategies and skills to meet future challenges,
  • serving communities in need – even if they lack sufficient financial resources,
  • altruism – encourage opportunities to improve the quality of community life,
  • neutrality – maintain neutrality in all our work with no political or religious agenda.

For more information about GFSC visit: